Sunday, January 17, 2016

Call for Peace from a Mom!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Mother's Peace Poem

A Mother's Peace Poem ©

by Donna Scrima-Black

A mother carries a child in her womb,
never expecting to bring this sacred being into a world of doom.

Hopes of a beautiful, dream-filled, long life
imagining grandchildren from her offspring's husband and wife.

Innocent, spirited babes--
now touched by the missions of suicide bombers, machine gun massacres, and all the horrors of war

Mama says, "No More, NO MORE!"

Don't you realize each bludgeoned and war-torn boy was once a Mother's Pride and Joy?

Why can't you see every raped, battered and broken girl was once her Father's Treasured Pearl?

If we were forced to mourn with moms of lost children,
would we see and feel their pain?
How could we look into their eyes and pretend to have any words to explain?
Never again to hold their child in their arms,
see their child's smile, touch their child's skin.

And you're telling me the more we kill, the more we win?

What's it all for?

Mama says, No More, NO MORE!

We all bleed red, we all weep for our dead--
We all never want “that call" we all dread!
We all lose when we teach and train to hate
It's roots go so deep there's no room to educate, for debate
or a way through prayer to contemplate,
LISTEN --for God's Sake!

We're all just human beings at the very core,
Can't we stop sending our children off to war? Can't we be better than we were before?
Now is the time to open the door
Mama says, "For Sure, FOR SURE!"

No matter Catholic, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Native American,
Protestant, Lutheran-- woman or man--
we must all take a Unified Stand.
Bring Bible, Rosary, Torah, Vedas, "Great Spirit" and Qur'an--
The Word of Kindness speaks above the universe,
throughout all our lands.
We must eradicate the underlying seeds that sprout such vile thorn-filled deeds,
that spread like wild, thirst-quenching, blood sucking weeds?
Stand together against the hate.

Love is the cure!

Mama says, "For sure, For sure.

Let's dig down deep as ONE-- to unearth all the wonders of America's United rebirth.