Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few of My Favorite Products/Gifts

BEST Self-Care, affordable PRODUCTS/GIFTS for US GIRLS!

Recently some moms and girlfriends have asked me to share some of my favorite girly stuff. These items make great gifts and some you should simply treat yourself to. Guys, we love these very affordable items too--especially if yo buy them for us "just because." I will share these with you, and I AM NOT being paid by any of these manufacturers. You have my MommyBest word on it! : )

~ I love Bare Minerals which I purchase at the Sephora Store or at their on-line website. I use their 3-part process of: Foundation (which you choose the color based on your skin type) Warmth (a bronzer I love) and Mineral Veil (which sets the first two products).
What I also love about Sephora is that they provide a ton of promotions including free product samples when you go into the store and on-line. I sometimes am hesitant when I go to the cosmetic counter and see a group of teenage girls because I wonder how knowledgeable they are regarding my skin care--and because they don't have a wrinkle on their face: )During college, I worked at the Clinique counter, where many women shared their uneasiness with me when they visited. I truly tried to ease their concerns by helping them using a minimalist approach. To that end I have experienced the same approach from Sephora, with their very helpful and complimentary staff--for the most part.The main problem I have when I visit Sephora is that I want to buy everything.

~My favorite shampoo now is Avenno Active Naturals, I get the Color Preserving type, but you may choose whatever suits your hair. It's very gentle, smells great and is very soothing. You may purchase it at CVS or any pharmacy or food store.
On a side note, I also love Aveeno's gentle oatmeal bath and face soap, which has been around for quite a long time!

~Cetaphil Cleanser & Moisturizer are the most gentle of all creams. Both are non-comedogenic which means they won't clog any pores, which can cause blemishes. Also purchased at food stores; BJ's Warehouse, Walmart, drugsstores, Target etc.
These products have also been recommended to me by my dermatologist to rival much more expensive brands.

~Wen Sweet Almond Mint Texture Balm has the most amazing calming effect on unruly hair. I've never found a product like this. You simply rub a little into your hands and then run your hands through dry hair.
I have to confess that I don't like Wen shampoo or conditioner--and I get upset when companies make us sign-up for continuous future shipments of an entire product line, which is very costly. I cancelled my auto ship on this kit, but I purchased this texture balm separately from them--which is hard to do because the customer service reps are persistent. But you can hold your ground and even try the shampoo to see if you like it because everyone's hair is different.

~Aromatic Elixir perfume spray by Clinique. There's no scent like this and everyone always asks me what fragrance I'm wearing. It's fruity and sensual. And yes, I once worked at Clinique during college, but I have no allegiance to them as I don't wear any of their make-up products.
Most of the people I've met share that this perfume either smells heavenly on some women or it doesn't. My husband still loves this fragrance and did when we started dating. Once, I gave him a stuffed animal and sprayed it with this scent so he could bring it when he had to go away on business--Awww, I'm such a romantic, right?

Next blog, I'm going to share a few favorite recipes. Please let me know what you think if you try these products and feel welcome in sharing a few of your favorites here as well.


  1. My wife loves Bare Minerals. Have you tried the new kit they have with "sparkle?" If you have, do you like it. I was thinking about a stocking gift for her.

  2. Okay, so far I tried the Cetaphil on my face and the Avenno Shampoo and loved both. I also love the Aveeno facial moisturizer. Have you tried this? next, I'll try your Perfume suggestions. I also read you do fundraiser with nursery schools. Would you do one in New Jersey?


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