Monday, February 6, 2012

"Real Housewives", Hollywood and Motherhood in 2012!

     I have a guilty pleasure in watching the "Real" housewives shows, except for the DC and Miami lack luster seasons, which I couldn't even bring myself to view more than twice. Like all moms, I'm busy juggling career and home, so I watch as much as I am able to. For awhile, I liked the NY wives the best because I am a New Yorker and, like several of those housewives, tell it like it is. I can't stand phonies and there are plenty of them where I live, especially if they are trying to get an opportunity for their kids.
     But, an unexpected favorite of mine has become the Beverly Hills version because I feel (and I may be wrong) that the characters are less scripted than the other shows and are a bit more "real."
     Still, part of the lure for me, and I suspect for most moms, is the realization that all these "REAL Housewives" are so far from reality that we use them as a means of escaping to a different planet and vicariously living some of their outlandish experiences. I also have my favs, liking and loathing a few. My least favorite housewives are Brandi (Beverly Hills); NeNe (Atlanta); Gretchen (Orange County) and The Countess (NY). I believe each one of these women is so self absorbed she will do anything to get what she thinks she deserves, and that includes your husband and kids. Right now, Lisa Vanderpump, you truly better watch your step and I'm not referring to those new pumps you're wearing, but rather to being kicked by Brandi's pumps as she desperately tries to lure your husband to assume your matriarch role of fabulous.  
     The recent episode of Brandi strutting around with a dental floss bathing suit showcased her insecurities and narcissistic need for attention. Yes, she has a nice body, a little thin and flat-chested in my humble opinion. But, I know from the years when I looked my bathing suit best, I was humble about it, especially not trying to flaunt my youth to older moms and, most despicable, is her constant attempt to seduce their husbands. Brandi's crude comments, sexual innuendos and ruthless remarks were evident in the first Reunion show last week. I'm going to watch the Reunion, Part 2 now, so I have to go...

*sorry if I misspelled any of the housewife's names, but I'm in a be continued......................


  1. Spot on. I watch these Housewives shows to escape reality. Some of the moms are nice, but Brandi is horrible. She is insecure and seeks attention. If she was such a great catch, then why did her husband leave her. She should leave other women's husbands alone. She's desperate.

    1. Yes Linda, I agree. If you watched part 2 of the Reunion show, Brandi showed her true colors again with some comments I can't even repeat on this blog. Thankfully, there are moms where we live whose priority is their kids : ) and being a good friend and developing their career skills.

    2. What do you think about part 2 of the reunion show? I felt so sorry for Taylor although sometimes she's almost playing on other's sympathies. I loved that she spoke up to Brandi. Lisa V. is a phoney too. Can't wait to read your thought.


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