Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tribute on Mother's Day. How did you feel when you first held your baby?

    An excerpt from The Journey toward Motherhood, from the book, MommyBest...

 Since I was absolutely positive I would be having a girl, it was the biggest surprise of my life when I gave birth to a son.
     The instant I held him, I felt a bond like no other—a bond that reached into the depths of my soul, beyond expression, beyond comprehension.  I realized along with a baby, a mother had been born-- a parent was in the making.
     As I looked into my son’s innocent eyes, I knew I had always been destined to become a mother, even though I hadn’t been ready to acknowledge this while I was achieving all the goals I was determined to accomplish.  I was too scared of losing my own identity and too busy proving I was someone “more” and something “else.”
      Although I had taken a different road than the one my mother followed toward motherhood, I realized we both arrived at our destinations on time-- the time that was right for each of us.  We are two women, similar in some ways and different in others, somewhat products of the eras that we grew--up in, somewhat products of our unique personas. 
     Now, as I listen to my music, my heart soars as I dream dreams for my son:
 Who will he become?  What will he enjoy doing?  Which paths will he follow? How shall I guide him?  How will he guide me?
     As his mother, I am embarking upon an amazing journey-- like no other journey I’ve been on-- one toward true self-discovery!  I begin this journey with a deep love, gratitude and respect for one who has traveled through the precarious terrain and rough waters of motherhood before me, my own mother.  I understand her sacrifice and love –and now perceive her as a woman of greatness for all she has given to her children.
     I also recognize I am becoming more of an independent person by pursuing my dreams-as my son has helped me to find a new voice in my writing. I must bring to him the best person I can be first, and then I’ll be the best Mommy to him-- when my choices reflect who I am at any given moment in my life.  No matter which direction my path turns, I am a mother.  I am Derek’s Mom—now and forever!


  1. Just got your book and love it. Starting reading it and am up to Lesson 7 and the changing seasons. My son too was in special care so I totally relate to every single word you write. Thanks so much. I hope to meet you one day.

  2. I too understand how amazing of a transformation it is to have kids. Your book (and I usually don't write on-line stuff lol, inspired me to be a better mom, person and trust my own voice in directing my family. Thanks and I hope to one day meet you too. Share when your next author signing or anything you're doing in the city. I live in Manhattan.

  3. How I felt? Can I begin to describe it? It would be one of the most awesome feelings ever, beyond description. And like you, I want to be the best mom my sons could ever have!
    Thanks for sharing, found and followed you from blogupp.
    God's grace!

  4. Like your site and ideas but wish it were more updated! :)

  5. Thanks Sandra,

    I am recovering from a broken thumb. Still, my posts are often longer than most, so there are fewer. I liked you site too, and your shorter posts lol

  6. Do you have ay other children? If so, how do you feel about the 2nd or 3rd child. Does it get easier or harder? Your book and lessons are helping in a way I didn't think they could and I am only on lesson 3!

  7. Hello,

    Yes, I do have other children, and you are getting to that part of the book now. Our second son is such a blessing, but completely opposite from the first, So, does it get easier. Yes, it many ways, especially since I learned so much from our first. But there are many variables from my attitude to sleep deprivation which impact some days more than others. I think if you are thinking about having more children, get quiet and think about it. It was the best gift I could have ever received. And I was so much more emotionally prepared for our second and I learned to trust my Mother's Instinct more.

    I'm so glad my book is helping you because that's one of the reasons I wrote MommyBest. Best of luck to you : )


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