Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Real Housewives" gets REAL.

     Interestingly enough, something unexpected happened to me when I watched The Reunion, Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After getting most of  my work done for my job as a Writer and a Mom/Wife, I nestled into my favorite sweats and cuddled onto the couch with my dog for some long overdue entertainment. It wasn't long before I found myself checking e-mails and folding laundry while watching. I was BORED.
     What did I find so monotonous? It wasn't the clothes, hair or make-up which overall looked spot on. Loved all their shoes. Enjoyed some of the snide comments and banter...but I was there and done that with the interactions and pettiness of the conversation. And the truth is we all knew that Kim had a drinking problem at the very least, so Andy's interview with her wasn't as revealing as BRAVO must have thought it would be.
     The bottom line for me is this: Kyle and Kim's relationship as sisters is real and one that all siblings can relate to. In the midst of all this BS and TV farce, the one REAL element in this show is the struggles, hardships and bouts with happiness that family experiences. Like Kyle and Kim, families stick together in times of struggles and celebrate in times of triumph.
     This is why I truly understood the heartache that Kyle felt when Kim was absent during much of the Hawaiian trip because, regardless of all the "friends" who accompanied them, a sister's presence trumps them all. It's also why I understood Kyle's protectiveness and defensiveness when others, Brandi, in particular,were criticizing her sister. And why I totally get how embarrassing it was for Kyle when Kim didn't show up to events or even respond. A sister's love is a visceral thing, stronger than bonds we make with most, if not all, of the friends we make in a lifetime. It's a relationship as complex as those super, carbohydrate foods in the health store, yet as simple as sharing a chocolate ice cream cone with the sweetness of chocolate sprinkles--and a cherry on top!


  1. You're so right. Some moms are so superficial and think they are more important than their kids. Most of these moms are fat, ugly and gross where I live. Then there are the pretty, nice moms who really care about their kids and do the best they can for themselves. It comes down to love.

    1. Lisa,
      lol. Those women are in every neighborhood. Just as there are really great women, so find them. They are the ones who don't tell your how great they are, and who don't try to diss everyone they're jealous of, including your kids. Even if you just find a couple, it's worth it. I also have an awesome relationship with ladies I grew up with, so maybe seek them out as well. Good luck : )and keep loving...

  2. Lisa,
    Donna is right. Go for it because real relationship with women are what get you through in life, especially when the men let you down. There are very few amazing, devoted guys out there who will be there for you through thick and thin. But the gals, they are.


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